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Heavy Metals and Your Body


Heavy metal toxicity (which can also be called heavy metal poisoning), is a problem millions of people are dealing with in the world today. Many don't even realize it.

Heavy metals (and a chronic exposure to them) have their hands in symptoms such as low energy, cognitive changes, and mood disturbances. Heavy metals can show up in contaminated water, dental fillings, or even household products. These heavy metals can penetrate the cells of your many organs and tissues and get stuck in them for years at a time!

If you decide to follow a heavy metal detox plan, bare in mind that some people may notice some symptoms getting worse before they get better. You may notice fatigue, loss of appetite, or maybe even digestive issues as your detox plan stirs up and flushes the toxins out of your system.

What foods can help remove heavy metal build up? Generally, these foods include leafy green vegetables, non-starch-rich vegetables, herbs, spices, algae, some other superfoods, and bone broth.

Below you have a list of heavy metals that potentially can be toxic even in low concentrations:


There are other definitions which include manganese, iron, lithium, calcium, and zinc if they show up in your body in high enough amounts.

Heavy metal toxicity can lead to damaged or reduced mental and central nervous system function as well as damaged vital organs like the liver, kidneys, endocrine glands, and heart. Exposure over a long amount of time may lead to physical, muscular, and neurological degenerative processes.

Certain supplements can be added into a natural heavy metal detox plan that help to support your liver, nervous system, brain, and other vital organs.

One of the best ways to remove heavy metals is with a supplement that binds to and then pulls the heavy metals from your tissues to get excreted through your urine.

Overall, this is just a cursory glance into heavy metals and how they interact with your body. The information here is to spark your interest, not to provide all there is about heavy metal toxicity.

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