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Closest Thing to the Perfect Exercise?

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Many of us wish for an easy way to stay in shape, to live our best without having to spend hours exercising. Your answer to these questions may be something familiar: push ups!

What is surprising is how many roles push ups fill without eating up time or even needing equipment. Plus, you can do them just about anywhere.

Done with the proper form, push ups can help strengthen your upper body, your core muscles, and even your toes. They promote increased balance and can correct your posture.

Push ups are a jack of all trades. They can make your more agile and even promote healthier bones.

Although not considered cardio, push ups can still help with cardiovascular and weight health.

How to do the proper push up? Easy.

1. Start with your hands below your shoulders and slightly outside the frame of your body. There should be a straight line from your heels to your head.

2. Next, lower yourself slowly down. Let your elbows kick back and allow your chest to barely touch the ground. Note that your groin should not touch the ground, nor should your butt be up in the air.

3. Now push yourself slowly back into the initial position, remembering to exhale as you do so. Make sure to maintain a flat line between your heels and head. Go as slowly as you need to unsure you maintain your form.

4. Repeat as many times as you can without compromising your form.

Who knew push ups were so amazing?


To your continued Health and Wellness,

Pinnacle of Wellness

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